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Jesus made it plain in His instruction to His disciples that they were not to cast what was holy before dogs, not to cast pearls before swine.  By this comment Jesus taught the principle of progressive revelation.  To those who are closed-hearted unbelievers, it is not wise to speak the pearls of truth.

To babes in Christ, "milk", that is to say, beginning instruction, is to be taught.  And for the mature, "meat."

Jesus' parables are constructed, and the way the Bible is laid out, make it plain that truth is progressive and, like all animate life in the natural world, believers must grow and learn and advance.

The secret pages you have accessed are built on this principle.  Rather than have these pages publicly available on the internet, open to all (swine included!) I thought it would be best to follow Jesus' teaching and restrict access to those who have the humble attitude that seems most conducive to advancement in the things of the Kingdom of God.  While I have to make the determination of just who those people are, it must be remembered that one of the gifts of the Spirit is the gift of "discerning of spirits."  So it is not wrong, per se, to have to judge the humility level of another human being!   As a matter of fact, just this kind of judgment is necessary to obey Jesus' words to not cast pearls before swine.  (That is, Jesus is telling US to decide who the "swine" are!!!)  I should say that I use as the major barometer of who I allow out here, the people who say, "Please..."  Jesus wrote the book on everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten when He said you have to become as little children to enter the Kingdom of God.  Be sure to say please and thank you if you are a member of the Kingdom! :-)

So, for better or worse, because of the judgment of a human being (who, though, believes he has the guidance of the Spirit) you have access to these restricted pages....Keep in touch!  (NOTE: through some snafu, the password protection on these pages was removed...so at present I am taking that as a divine Providence, and you now have direct access to this page without the PLEASE and without the password protection...so if you are a SWINE, I ask you to please not go on....OK? :-)




Elijah Pen




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