One of the Pope's titles is "Vicarius Filii Dei"-- The Vicar of the Son of the God.* This a blasphemous title.  Christ does not need a vicar, and Heaven has not so designated any man.  This title, "Vicarius Filii Dei" is etched in the Papal mitre which every pope wears.  The numerical equivalent of this Latin title, using Roman numerals known to most school children, is 666.  

Please note:

Letter Roman numeral value

bulletV      --      5
bulletI        --    1
bulletC       --   100
bulletI        --    1
bulletU      --     5 (I took Latin in high school and was taught that "U" and "V" are equivalent)
bulletI      --      1
bulletL     --     50
bulletI      --      1
bulletI      --      1
bulletD      --    500
bulletI       --       1
bulletTOTAL -- 666

The Scripture says 666 is the number of a man.  Every pope is a man, and every pope bears this title.  Thus both the individual Pope, and the institution of the Papacy are marked out in scripture as the bearer of this number 666.

See what St. Malachay has to say...

If any man has an ear, let him hear.


* 1.Michael Scheifler wrote, "I personally have Lucius Ferraris' Prompta Bibliotheca, 1858 Paris edition, a Catholic theological encyclopedia, in which the title Vicarius Filii Dei appears in volume 5, column 1828, under 'Papa,' article 2. I have scanned the item and it appears in an article on my Bible Light web site."   This title is taken from the Donation of Constantine, which has widely been recognized as a forgery. What Cahtolic critics are in denial about, and have never answered, is how did 10 popes get hoodwinked into quoting from this document, in which the Papal title Vicarius Filii Dei is used? For over 600 years, Popes used this document to assert their own authority, and thus also affirm the Vicarius Filii Dei title. 

2. A subscriber to Our Sunday Visitor, a Catholic weekly periodical, wrote a letter to the editor, wherein he asked, 'What are the letters supposed to be in the pope's crown, and what do they signify, if anything?' The answer given was, 'The letters inscribed on the pope's mitre are these: Vicarius Filii Dei, which is Latin for, Vicar of the Son of God' (April 18, 1915, Vol. 3, Number 51, p. 3)